Zachary Martineau, Executive Chef

A graduate of the New England Culinary Institute, Chef Martineau began his career with several award winning New England restaurants and resorts. He also had the privilege to help cook and serve a dinner at the prestigious James Beard House in Manhattan, N.Y.

Martineau's professional experience includes contributing as Sous Chef at Hanover Street Chophouse in Manchester and the former C.R. Sparks in Bedford, as well as serving as Executive Banquet Chef at the Event Center at C.R. Sparks. In 2010 he assumed his first position as Executive Chef at Aprile's, an Italian restaurant in North Chelmsford, MA, where he transformed the menu and staff, elevating both to a higher standard of dining experience.

In 2011, Chef Martineau joined the team at Great New Hampshire Restaurants with the opening of the Copper Door, in Bedford, as Executive Chef & Managing Operator and quickly earned several awards including NH Magazine's Best New Restaurant 2012.

In joining the team at Epoch Chef Martineau states "A lot of my background, New England, new American, is what I love to do," Martineau said. "A lot of the things I believe in, my cooking style, is very simple. It's not cluttered. I don't like too many components on my dish. For me less is better, and it's trying to keep it natural... We're trying to do a lot of farm-to-table dishes - local farms, local vendors, fresh seafood."